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Ders Listesi



EDS 1001

Introduction to Educational Sciences


EDS 1002

Educational Psychology


EDS 2001

Instructional Methods and Principles


EDS 2002

Material Design and Production in Education


EDS 2003

Scientific Research Methods


EDS 2005

Educational Sociology


EDS 2006

Educational Philosophy


EDS 2007

History of Turkish Education


EDS 3001

Measurement and Evaluation


EDS 3003

Classroom Management


EDS 3005

Special Instructional Methods I


EDS 3006

Special Instructional Methods II


EDS 3007

School Experience


EDS 3010

Turkish Educational System and School Management


EDS 4001

Teaching Application I


EDS 4002

Teaching Application II


EDS 4003



EDS 4004

Teaching Application


EDS 4005

Special Education


EDS 4006

Comparative Education







Ders Tanımları

EDS1001 Introduction to Educational Sciences 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Basic concepts and terminology of education, sociology of education, pioneers in education, philosophies of education, history of world education, history of Turkish education, systems approach to education, basic questions of the policy making in education, educational system in Turkey in national and institutional level, focus on the teacher. 

EDS1002 Educational Psychology 3-0- 3 (ECTS:4)

Introduction to the concepts of psychology, learning and development: basic definitions and importance in the field of education, physical development, language development, cognitive development, psychosocial development, psychosexual development, moral development, behaviouristic approach to learning, cognitive approach to learning, constructivist approach to learning, humanistic approach to learning.

EDS2001 Instructional Methods and Principles 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Fundamental concepts about instruction, principles of learning and instruction, and planning instruction (annual plan, lesson plan activity examples). Learner differences (intelligence & creativity), personality styles, learning styles, motivation and creating classrooms and lectures compatible with various differences. Strategies, methods and techniques of learning and instruction.

EDS2002 Material Design and Production in Education 2-2-3 (ECTS:7)

Instructional analyses, classifying of  instructional objectives and goal analyses, learner analyses, planning content,  drills, practices, feedback and assessment, two dimensional visual learning-teaching media, classic and modern educational technologies, audio-visual and multimedia materials, the advantages of these materials in the learning environment, selection procedure of  instructional materials , principles of designing and developing materials,efficient use of materials;  design elements, methods of developing course material, developed materials related to the field, developing visual, audio, audio-visual and multimedia materials (Adobe Fireworks, Captivate, Audacity, After Effects), using course materials in the classrooms. Media and instruction, the systematic planning of the use of media, visual principles, computer-based multi-media and process technologies.

EDS 2003 Scientific Research Methods 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Types of quantitative research; research validity; literature review; stating research hypotheses; sampling; measurement; preparing a research plan; research ethics; types of qualitative research.

ED 2005 Educational Sociology (3-0-3)
The purpose of the course is to emphasize on education and the process of socialization by pointing out the school as a social agency and the school as a social system. Role of the teacher in the school and in the community will be mentioned.

EDS3001 Measurement and Evaluation 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Types of decisions made based on measurement; types of measurement and measurement instruments; validity; reliability; representation and interpretation of test scores; writing test items; analyzing test items; sources of information on measurement instruments; brief introduction to item response theory.

EDS3003 Classroom Management 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

The basic management theories and approaches, the physical system of school and classroom, the rules in the classroom, the learning culture and climate in classroom, the management processes of teaching and learning in the classroom, the functions of communication and group interaction in the classroom, the effect of motivation in the classroom management, teacher as a leader in the classroom, time management in the classroom, discipline and the management of student behaviors the classroom, the management of problematic and special students in the classroom, the management of teacher-parent interviews.

EDS3005 Special Instructional Methods I   2-2-3 (ECTS:4)

Fundamental concepts, tools and materials related to the field. Strategies, methods and techniques used to teach in the field. Effective teaching, identifying student needs, indirect instruction, direct instruction, self-directed learning, questioning techniques, case analysis, classroom observation, preparing portfolio and evaluation.

EDS3006 Special Instructional Methods II 2-2-3 (ECTS:4)

Examining and evaluating the teaching programs and course textbooks related to the field. Annual, lesson and activity planning related to the computer teaching program.  Micro teaching applications. Assessment and evaluation in computer education.

EDS3007 School Experience 1-4-3 (ECTS:4)

Observing a teacher’s and students’ daily life in school. Examining how a teacher uses teaching methods and techniques, which activities s/he uses at various stages during a lesson, how s/he uses classroom management techniques, how s/he ends the lesson and evaluates students’ works; examining the structure of school, how a principal does his/her work; preparing a portfolio showing school experience works.

EDS3010 Turkish Educational System and School Management 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Introduction to the Turkish educational system, the legal basis of the Turkish educational system, the system's organisational structure, educational levels, human and physical resources management theories and procedures in our system, recent issues and projects in education, school as an organisation and school management, importance of human resources in schools, formal student affairs, educational and instructional affairs, managing schools, inclusion of families and society to the school management.

EDS4003 Guidance 3-0-3 (ECTS:4)

Teachers and guidance counselling; counselling in schools; concern, feelings and intervention; empowering students and families; emotional development; peer counselling and support; cultural issues in counselling; counselling for loss, trauma and sensitive issues; stress and burnout; ethical issues.

EDS4004 Teaching Application 2-6-5 (ECTS:4)

Introduction of the school, how to observe a class, lesson planning, teaching practice, preparation of teaching practice file.

EDS4005 Special Education 2-0-2 (ECTS:4)

Developing an understanding on the education of children with special needs in terms of their physical, perceptual, intellectual, social, behavioral and emotional development. Relations between social deprivation, handicapping conditions and early intervention are particularly emphasized.